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Lenten Prayers: John 4:9-38

A poem

Published on:
March 24, 2020
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Turn these stones into bread, he said,
blowing the sweet perfume of a warm loaf
across your sunken face, forty nights ravaged
to gauntness and lit by a steelish hope. 

And though your stomach curled into a growl,
you knew that bread alone is never enough,
humankind’s most ferocious hunger the hollow
that gnaws in our souls, that longing that groans

for a word like a breath from beyond ourselves,
for a word like honeycomb, like manna,
for a word like my, like beloved, like son,
for a word from God whose name is love.

Julie Sumner
Julie Sumner is a writer who has worked as a critical care nurse, transplant coordinator, and massage therapist. She recently completed her MFA at Seattle Pacific University. Her work has appeared in Fathom, The Cresset, Juxtaprose, San Pedro River Review, Catalpa Magazine, and The Behemoth.

Cover image by Denny Müller.

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