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Monarchs on the Way to Work

Published on:
May 22, 2023
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Day, attending to school in prose—
wings, if ever had, lost to scuffing holes
ground in these shoes
on days begun ex nihilo
I pass a bush and send
monarchs into flight,

try to follow,
how it was done in one word,
left the angels astonished who saw,
and thinking then, slow, backwards—
from the orange and black wings
over and around and away from
the bush, 

oaring on the soft air, implying
invisible physics problems
I cannot solve—
that while one
or few remain,
momentarily to arrive
at the world they open:
Help us recall
what might still become,
this generosity
in this walk
between steps and hoping. 

Thomas Allbaugh
Thomas Allbaugh's work has appeared in a number of publications, including Relief, River Heron Review, Modern Poetry Quarterly Review, and others. He has published a novel, Apocalypse TV; a collection of short stories, titled Subtle Man Loses His Day Job and Other Stories; and a chapbook of poems, titled The View from January. He has taught writing at Azusa Pacific University in Southern California since 2001.

Cover image by Sonika Agarwal.

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