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Monday Morning Sermon

Published on:
May 17, 2021
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Sometimes the morning calls for
a mammoth blaze - coals, kerosene,
kindling, flint, flue, flame, desperate
chants of BURN IT ALL DOWN!

But sometimes you just need a single slug
slogging down the sidewalk in the soft light
to denounce your dread of the day,
to reframe your rage - surrender your
incessant search for signs at every corner.

Sometimes it is spark and smoke and ash,
and sometimes it is simply the slug and its
grey goo ooze, its freckled flecks glinting
in the mottled sun-shadows that gleefully
romp along the pavement.

It is the slug -- its humble frippery, its
unflappable tread, whispering all
the new mercies that we could ever
want to want to want to want. 

Sara Kay Mooney
Sara Kay Mooney, an alumna of Davidson College and Teach For America, is a trained librarian currently working at an education non-profit in Charlotte, North Carolina. When she’s not giving book recommendations to friends, you can find her taking pictures, frequenting thrift stores, or laughing at her husband’s jokes, among many other things. Her writing has been featured in CT Women, Misadventures Magazine, and CharlotteFive.

Cover image by Wolfgang Hasselmann

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