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The Aloe Plant

A poem

Published on:
November 2, 2021
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Your pea-green arms
all speckled and spiked
stretch skyward, leaning

lightly upon the pane
you say: See? Fragile as I am
even I have made it through.

You were a gift
given just before the door
to the desert opened

(that arid expanse
no one had knocked for).
I have kept you with me:

wondered each day
if you would die like so many others
drowned or dried up in their own dirt.

In truth, you have grown:
your three-inch pot now
crowding out those slender limbs

until you must break
and be given
like the healing balm you are.  

Heather Kaufmann
Heather Kaufmann is a New England native, poet, and grant writer currently pursuing an MA in Theological Studies at Regent College in Vancouver, Canada.

Cover image by Samantha Gades.

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